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Dyson investigates air quality

From journalists to parents and fitness experts, the Dyson air quality project is equipping individuals in cities with our prototype air quality backpack. As they go about their normal routines, the backpack collects air quality data – helping us to understand how pollution levels change as we go about our daily lives.

Aerial view of a city

Sydney, Australia

Dyson investigates air quality: Sydney

Following Australia’s devastating bushfires and the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown, the importance of air quality inside and outside the home has increased more than ever for Australians. Leah, a Sydney-based mum of two, has been using Dyson’s air quality backpack to capture data on her personal exposure to air pollution during her daily routine.

Leah and family on Sydney beach wearing air quality backpack

Leah’s data findings showed an increase in pollution levels during daily routine activities such as cooking, cleaning and traveling by car. Read the full report here.

"Using our unique algorithm to process detailed reports of air pollution exposure, this innovative technology allows us to monitor air quality indoors, outdoors and on the move. What’s more, it all fits within a backpack."

Alex Knox Vice President of Environmental Care at Dyson

Dyson's air quality backpack

Engineered for research purposes, Dyson's air quality backpack is the result of knowledge derived from years of experience and research into air cleaning technology. Dyson engineers reworked the sensing technology in our purifiers, making it smaller, lighter and more portable – ideal for measuring air quality on the move.

Three sensors in the backpack use unique algorithms to process data. The first measures temperature and humidity. The second detects gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). And the third uses lasers to detect PM2.5 and PM10. This data is combined with information gathered from the on-board GPS to create reports on air quality.

The backpack with an image showing the technology inside it

Common pollutants found in cities

  • PM10


    Potentially harmful pollen and allergens.

  • Nitrogen Dioxide

    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

    Found in high concentrations near roadways.

  • PM2.5


    Microscopic particles from industrial emissions and burning wood. They can penetrate deep into the respiratory system.

Pollutants aren’t just a problem outdoors.

Dyson purifiers use the same intelligent sensing technology to detect and capture indoors particles and gases.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

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